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Illustration and animation of a shooting range with ventilation system

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Displacement ventilation hoses

Ingredients for a good indoor climate: unobstructed air flow

As the output openings are covered with microperforated fabric, the air is blown steadily and slowly into the room. This causes a piston effect, which makes the air containing harmful substances flow towards the suctioning outlet.


Ingredients for a good indoor climate: clean air.

The filter medium in the pocket filter is made up of extremely fine synthetic fibres that are sown together to wedge-shaped filter pockets. The end frames are made of galvanised steel or plastic. The individual pockets are securely fastened to the frame and sealed with a corrosion-proof plastic gasket.

Noise insulators

Ingredients for a good indoor climate: no noise

Components such as fans produce unwanted noise. To keep the noise level at an acceptable level, noise insulators are built into the ventilation system at suitable places. If the insulation is sufficient, their aerodynamic drag is kept low as well. The aerodynamically profiled splitter frames reduce pressure loss and therefore operational costs. The surfaces of the absorption material used is made of non-putrescible, biodegradable mineral wool. The noise insulators are covered with damp-resistant glass silk resistant to wear and tear as well as with galvanized steel.


Heat exchanger

Ingredients for a good indoor climate: comfort

Cold outside air can cause drafts and has to be heated before it is introduced into the gun range. Two lamellar heat exchangers are used to heat cold air. Heat is transferred from the hot water or glycol to the air with branched-out pipe systems covered in numerous fins.


The best in ventilation technology: low power consumption

The demands on the energy efficiency of fans are ever growing. Our high-performance fans were especially developed for their use in modern ventilation and air-conditioning systems and are perfect to move air and mildly aggressive gases and fumes. The rotor technology is subjected to continued further development. The result: Low power consumption, low costs and low noise.


Source of heat

Ingredients for a good indoor climate: flexible hot water treatment

There are several water heating systems available. Independently of the available source of heat, you can use gas-oil-pellet-wood chip heating units or heat pumps.